About us

About Us

Coptic Hospital is a Level 6 mission hospital under Coptic Orthodox Church. The Coptic Orthodox is the oldest church in the world. It was founded by St. Mark the Evangelist, author of the second gospel in Alexandria, Egypt in the year 61 A.D. The word “Copt” means Egyptian. Copts are the native Christians of Egypt and the direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians who were converted to Christianity by St. Mark

Coptic Hospital is  located along Ngong road next to china centre place Nairobi. It is a modern 250 bed facility which is home to highly skilled and experienced specialists and professional medical staff. We boast excellent standards, high quality of services and personal care.            

Call to ask any question +254 (0) 732341241

We operate under the umbrella of the Coptic mission, the scope of the Coptic mission includes the main hospital & industrial area clinic  both in Nairobi.  Coptic Hospital Maseno in western Kenya, Coptic hospital Lusaka in Zambia, Coptic hospital Musoma in Tanzania, Coptic hospital Lubumbashi in Congo and the upcoming branch in Lagos Nigeria.

At Coptic hospital we are a model in our field and our outstanding core value is care, as we care for the dignity and affordability of healthcare to our patients.

We set the standard for high quality services and personal care that operates 24/7 both Inpatient and outpatient services. The founders had a vision of establishing a haven for the ill to experience quality care, compassionate service and inclusivity. With time, through hard work and painstaking endeavour, the vision broadened from a mere hospital to fully fledged specialty.

Our Vision

To be a regional leader in the provision of preventative, promotive and curative healthcare services, up to the international standards, while offering hope to all those we come in contact with.


Our Mission

To offer quality, affordable, accessible and acceptable healthcare services with hope modelled on our Christian values to all our clients irrespective of age, race, religion, gender and social class.



We are observant on how we treat patient, staff and society at large a core aspect of how we conduct our relationship in each service that we offer.


As a healthcare facility our success and the patient’s relief is hinged on proper collaboration and communication as well as interaction at all levels.


We deliberately aim to nurture a sense of confidentiality, professionalism and reliability with our patients as a way of establishing trust in our services through honesty and interaction.


It’s always been our conviction that we ought to provide medical care with love and care.


We believe in our ability to provide not just competitive services but competitive prices too for all patients under our care.
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