HIV Management


Children and HIV/AIDS

The center’s paediatrics programs in Kenya and Zambia are designed to manage HIV/AIDS in children and are run by paediatrics specialists with experience in all disciplines, in order to cater to children-specific medical and psycho-social needs. The paediatrics clinics are the only ones of their kind. In addition to medical care, the program implements a home tracer and care program, which assesses the child’s household stability, and the ability of the caregivers to provide for all the child’s needs.

Women and HIV/AIDS

In Africa, women are often the main household providers. Coptic Mission is committed to empowering women, who are particularly vulnerable to infection. To do this, the mission has developed a number of female-focused initiatives that aim to facilitate change in cultural perceptions that have historically limited their opportunities. By teaching women how to deliver home-based care, by training them to become HIV/AIDS community educators and by equipping them with the tools to deliver these community health services, Coptic Mission has witnessed the transformed image that women carry in their communities. Evidence has shown time and again that healthier, stronger women and mothers result in healthier, stronger families and ultimately healthier, stronger communities.


In many of the rural communities in Kenya, Zambia and the Congo, the mission has also established income-generating activities for women to be more empowered economically so that their livelihood will not be dependent on potentially unhealthy demands and/or conditions of the partners. Coptic Mission is committed to enabling the women of Africa fulfil their God-given potential.

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