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Admission (Inpatient)

Coptic hospital wards consist of the medical ward, surgical wards, maternity wing, paediatric and
wards, PICU, NICU, ICU and HDU. The wards are staffed by nurses, doctors, health counsellors,
physiotherapists, nutritionist and healthcare assistants who will serve you in variety of ways.

We have different types of rooms like: semi private, private ward, VIP wing. The semi-private and private wards are fitted with:

Bell- call system
Patient monitoring system
Elegant and modern décor
Smart TV
Cabinet to store luggage and clothing
Ensuite washroom and bathroom

High Quality Standard Services


The VIP wing are fitted with:

Patient health monitoring system
Lounge area for the visitors
Free Wi-Fi
Air conditioning
Meal of your choice
Spacious and modern décor
Telephone and smart TV
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