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Plastic Surgery is much more than what people refer to as “Beauty Surgery” or “Cosmetic Surgery”.
Etymologically, the adjective “plastic” in Plastic Surgery stands for “sculpting, modelling or molding”
and derives from the Greek word plastics. The specialty of Plastic Surgery consists of four main

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (also called “Cosmetic Surgery”) refers to changing a patient´s appearance by choice to enhance, rejuvenate or restore beauty
Reconstructive Plastic Surgery which is all about restoring appearance and function to the human body after illness or accident, patients born with deformities like cleft lip and palate, or wounds
Hand Surgery which deals with all conditions affecting the soft tissues and bones of the hand and fingers
Burn Surgery, where patients receive surgical help either during the acute stage of the injury, or later, when deformities and scars/keloids caused by burn wounds need to be reconstructed.

Sculpting, Modelling or Molding

We offer all four fields of Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Burn
Reconstruction Surgery) form part of the surgical expertise of our highly qualified and certified
specialist in plastic surgery.
We are proud to have done the first successful foot implantation in East Africa.

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