Treatment Literacy Program

In order to bring the services of the Hope Centre outside the walls of the clinics, the mission launched the Treatment Literacy Program, an AIDS community treatment literacy program. The program goes beyond the traditional awareness campaigns, to an active program aimed at fighting AIDS-related stigmas by providing real options for life.


  • In Nairobi’s industrial area, where the Hope Centre is the only comprehensive AIDS/HIV clinic, the staff has already provided one day training, and Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) to over 800 workers from the factories.
  • In Maseno, a rural village in western Kenya, the centre has provided training to teachers and students in over 100 schools. Also, recognizing that community leaders hold the key to changing public perception of HIV/AIDS, the centre has trained over 200 local chiefs and pastors.
  • In Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, the centre has trained over 1000 church leaders and over 400 school teachers resulting in a newly trained group of adult leaders eager to learn more, and implement what they have learned.
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