General Services


The Coptic Hospital Diagnostic Centre is well equipped with modern machines that ensure quality care and improved accuracy in diagnosing various conditions.

Digital X-rays – We do X-rays and also provide fluoroscopy services.
CT Scan – Our CT scan is an advanced Siemens Somatom machine with 128 slices meaning the
patient takes less than a minute in examination time. The machine also gives very sharp 3D
reconstruction as well as Specific Cardiovascular Imaging. We offer Coronary, Carotid, Cerebral,
Pulmonary angiography examinations as well as CT scan guided biopsies, neuroperfusions and full
body scans. The patient will benefit from same day reporting, Quality and accurate reports and at
very affordable rates

Ultra Modern Machines

MRI Scans – MRI uses a strong magnetic field in conjunction with radio wave pulses of energy to pick
out information from very small points inside the patient’s body. MRI is one of the latest
technologies used for producing diagnostic images of the human body’s internal organs and
structure. Our 1.5 T MRI scanner is powerful making it more meticulous and more likely to spot
medical problems.
2D & 4D Ultrasound – Ultrasound helps in detecting many tumors and kidney stones. Enjoy your
pregnancy and monitor your baby’s development by having a 4-D Ultrasound. This Ultrasound makes
you see detailed features of the baby and also helps detect abnormalities early.

Echocardiogram – An Echocardiogram uses sound waves to produce images of your heart. This
commonly used test allows your cardiologist to see how your heart is beating and pumping blood.
Echocardiogram is used to diagnose a variety of heart diseases.
Mammogram – When was the last time you had your breasts checked?
Do you know that regular breast self-examinations is a core method to early discovery of breast
masses? Early discovery of breast masses improves the prognosis of breast cancer.
Early detection of cancer means a better chance of survival. Get a chance to see the doctor for breast
examination, and enjoy a discount on sono-mammogram. (Breast Ultrasound & Mammogram)

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